About Us

Our Mission:

“Uniting the community to bring hope and help to families in medical crisis.”

Statement of Faith

All Things Possible Ministries is a Christ-centered non-profit organization bringing communities together in Jesus’ name for the Glory of God. We’re not about religion. We are about relationship. We pray that every person on earth comes to know the power of the Trinity, repents of their sins, and puts their life and future in the hands of our maker. We believe that the Holy Bible is God-breathed and every word in it wouldn’t be there if the Lord didn’t allow it. We humbly use our God-given gifts in an attempt to be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth.

Through our medical fundraisers, we attempt to demonstrate the love and hope of our Lord as written in the Bible in the book of Matthew 19:26. “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


After a year of trying out different medications to lower her rising liver enzymes, Lisa Sexton was hospitalized in the fall of 2010 for an entire month. She was battling a rare autoimmune liver disease that was shutting down her bile ducts. Half of that hospital stay was in intensive care fighting an enormous amount of infection and having her gall bladder removed. She was being tested for a liver transplant, which (according to the medical professionals) was the only cure.

They didn’t know what a big God Lisa had fighting the battle for her. People all over the country joined her in prayer for a miracle that would heal her so she could keep her original liver. Lisa was also blessed with a Gastroenterologist who was able to scar open her remaining bile ducts. She got her miracle. While medications are still needed and side effects to deal with, Lisa still has that original liver to this day. Praise God!

It was soon after Lisa was home recuperating that the medical bills started pouring in.  The fear and stress that goes along with those bills, occupied her thoughts and prayers daily. The Lord helped her heal both physically and financially. Friends and family stepped up to contribute toward out-of-pocket medical bills that were not covered by insurance. This crisis is what God used to demonstrate His power and plant a seed in her heart to want to help others going through similar medical and financial hardships.

Lisa Sexton - All Things Possible.As her health would allow, Lisa volunteered with another ministry run by a wonderful friend in Christ. This is where she learned about event planning and nonprofit organizations. Lisa’s Spiritual Gifts are Faith, Leadership, and Administration. So the fit seemed right.

All Things Possible Ministries was “born” in the spring of  2013. Jesus put the name for the ministry on Lisa’s heart – “All Things Possible”. He even told her the tagline: “Events with Purpose”. Lisa had no previous experience managing a ministry, so she relied on God to surround her with experts. He immediately started providing people who were willing to donate their time and talents to see All Things Possible come to fruition.


After much prayer, guidance, research, paperwork, support, and encouragement – All Things Possible Ministries was approved by the State of South Carolina and became “official” as of May 2013.

All Things Possible Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. We receive no funding from any large organizations. We rely on individual donations and proceeds from events to carry out the mission placed on our hearts. None of this is possible without your help and support.

Alone, we can each make a difference. Collectively, we can change the world.

To God be the Glory!

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