End of Year Donations

The Week Between

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is different from any other time. The busyness of preparing for Christmas is over. The decorations went up. The gifts were bought, wrapped and given. Big meals with family and friends are over. There are no longer Christmas songs playing on the radio or in the stores. Presents to return or exchange are separated out, if not returned already. End-of-year sales are in full swing. School is out, and the kids are home enjoying their new toys and games. Hearts are still broken for those who recently lost a loved one, are adjusting to a new kind of normal, and missed setting that place at the family dinner table. There might even be leftovers still in the refrigerator, though the desserts are probably all gone. Most people are back to work, though nobody is really ready for it.

Bye-Bye to 2016


2017 New year countdown timer.


Many are realizing that there are only a handful of days left in 2016 and thinking of what might need to be done before flipping the calendar to January. Questions may come up like:

  • Am I prepared for the end of the tax year?
  • I wonder if I need more write-offs?
  • Should I make any resolutions this year?
  • Wouldn’t it be awful if I end up being just a little short of deductions to get more of my own money back from the government?

You can’t exactly do your annual taxes before the year is out since the documents you need won’t arrive for another month.

Statistically, 10% of all donations made to nonprofit charities occur this week, between now and 11:59 pm on December 31st.

Looking ahead – a time for Resolutions


The word New Year's resolution written on the blackboard with blank notes

Some of us look at the new year as a time to end a bad habit or begin a good one. They generally involve the word “MORE” or “LESS.” Some may include:

  • I resolve to eat LESS next year and lose weight
  • I resolve to consume MORE healthy foods and LESS sugar and carbs
  • I resolve to be MORE flexible and easy-going
  • I resolve to be MORE organized and plan better
  • I resolve to spend LESS time on social media and MORE time on personal interaction
  • I resolve to spend LESS time at work and MORE time with my family
  • I resolve to be MORE intentional in everything I do
  • I resolve to be MORE charitable and giving toward others 

It’s a win-win


Medical Person with thumbs Up to show Win Win Situation.

It’s never too late to help a family in medical crisis, while also receiving a deduction on your income taxes. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Whether you can donate $5 or $5,000, every donation positively impacts the lives of the medical recipients of All Things Possible Ministries in a very tangible way. To put it into perspective:

Tragedy can happen to any of us when we least expect it

  • It could be any one of us whose mother, father, spouse or child is diagnosed with a life altering illness whereby without financial assistance for medical expenses, that person’s life would be in grave danger.
  • It could be that the hospital or treatment center won’t perform a needed surgery without a down payment, which wasn’t planned for and simply isn’t there.
  • It could be that your child, grandchild, niece or nephew is born with certain deficiencies making them physically vulnerable and requiring expensive equipment that insurance doesn’t cover.
  • It could be any one of us who is severely injured in a car accident. That patient might be without health insurance, or have extremely high out-of-pocket medical expenses before insurance kicks in.

All of God’s children, weak or strong, are extremely valuable and deserve the help that All Things Possible Ministries can provide. But it can’t happen without people like you and I taking a stand and doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. Please make a donation by 12/31/16 for that win-win situation. You might even resolve to set up a recurring monthly donation, rather than wait until the end of the year. That option is available here.

Don’t forget to check with your employer to see if they will match your donation. Many larger employers do.

Happy New Year

All Things Possible Ministries wishes you and yours a joyful, healthy and blessed 2017.

If you know of anyone who might need our medical fundraising assistance, please direct them to our website for the criteria and application form.


About Lisa

Executive Director of All Things Possible Ministries since 2013. I personally went thorough a life threatening medical crisis in 2010 and was hospitalized for nearly a month. By the grace of God I made it through. We were overwhelmed with medical bills after the insurance company paid their portion. I know what a burden this was to us. God put it on my heart to help others in similar situations. He gave me the ministry name All Things Possible from the scripture Matthew 19:26 – “With man this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.”

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