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THANK YOU for making Conner’s dreams come true.


Conner with broken arm and legConner just turned 4 years old on July 5, 2014. He has a rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta or more commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease or OI. Conner is one of five children for Kip and Denise. He is also a twin. Conner’s twin sister Kayleigh does not have OI, nor do his other siblings. This condition is a genetic mutation.Goldhammer family on couch

Denise and Kip were told Conner had OI in utero, as his limbs were much shorter than they should be and he was showing fractures and bowing of his bones. Conner has a severe type of OI which is type III. He has had more than 100 broken bones in his short 4 years of life. Conner’s bones were compared to paper when he was born and they had to carry him around on a pillow because he was so fragile. Last year he rolled over in his sleep and broke his collar bone.  Recently, his ribs were broken simply from holding him to lean over the sink to wash his hands. This unfortunately happens too often. Conner looking sad in hospital

Although there is NO cure for OI, Conner receives infusions of pamidronate every 7 weeks over a two day period to help make his bones more dense and help with pain. He has had several surgeries to insert rods and wires in his limbs which help with the bowing and to be an internal splint. He won’t grow to more than approximately 3′ 6″ tall, but as he does grow the rods and wires have to be replaced.

Because there aren’t medical professionals in the Charlotte region with enough experience to handle Type III OI, the Goldhammer’s were referred to an orthopedic surgeon with significant experience with this disease who is in Omaha, Nebraska. They must travel from Charlotte to Omaha for his surgeries and to see experts on OI multiple times a year.

Custom chair he needs

The family nearly lost Conner in February of 2014 when the high chair he was sitting in at the dining table fell over while he was strapped into it.  What they had been using was a KidKart which is a removable part of his stroller. The wheels would only lock in the back and it did not stay in place. Conner could still move the chair. It’s top heavy and the base was not sturdy enough.  A small 4 year old squirming even a little bit, can cause it to shake and then topple over. The new chair he got solves all those problems.

According to his mother, Conner’s skull shattered like broken glass when he fell from the chair and hit the floor. Conner with stitches in his head The fall also caused a brain bleed that was nearly fatal. Thank God, he made it through the surgeries, but not without a great deal of fear for his young life.

Conner also has brittle teeth, he has had several teeth that have Conner close-up smilingchipped and he will need to have all of his teeth capped at some point.  This will be another big expense on the horizon.

Conner does not walk independently, but he is able to scoot on his bottom with his legs folded under him.  Conner experiences bone pain on and off in addition to the painful breaks.  Medicaid pays for a caregiver for Conner that has been trained to assist him in the home.  Picking him up as well as dressing and undressing him can result in a broken bone if not handled properly. Unfortunately Medicaid only pays for 28 hours a week, and the family really needs her full time. Your generosity also provided the Goldhammers an extra 12 a week of in home health aide. Thank you.Conner with arms wrapped and broken leg

Although Conner Goldhammer has gone through so much at such a young age, he still has an unbreakable spirit!

All Things Possible Ministries has set a goal for this fundraiser.

We need to raise at least $13,900 to pay for the special chair Conner needs ($3,900.) as well as the additional 12 hours per week for his in-home aide for 12 months (or as many months as possible based on donations received by September 30, 2014).

Per the Goldhammer family, any funds raised over and above that goal will go into the Medical Benevolence Fund managed by All Things Possible Ministries to help others experiencing a medical crisis.  This “pay-it-forward” approach helps the ministry to pay for testing and treatments for others in life threatening situations, who’s needs must be met immediately.

“For he will deliver the needy who cry out,
    the afflicted who have no one to help.” – Psalm 72:12

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Please put “Medical” on the front of the envelope in the lower left corner, as well as in the Memo line on your check.










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