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Give A Hand-Out or Hand-Up?

People connect with nonprofit organizations for a variety of reasons, with some getting more personally involved than others. An Individual might write a check or donate time to a charity that aligns with their values. They might contribute to one that tugs at their heart because of a personal situation or tragedy that has impacted their own life, or that of someone they know.

Regardless of why, those who donate to charity usually consider the nonprofit’s role in improving society and giving a hand to those in need. Sometimes that begins with a hand-out to get them out from under a pile (of debt, bad choices, destructive friends, or maybe they are overwhelmed by circumstances beyond their control). Often it ends with an impactful hand-up, personal enlightenment, renewed hope in their situation and in mankind, and/or a closer relationship to God and to others.

With the many options you have for performing charitable deeds, and the many people in need of assistance, you can easily make a difference in the community.

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There Are Other Ways To Donate In Addition To Financially

Often times people want to help but don’t know how to get started, so they don’t. Then something else occupies their mind, and that good intention never comes to fruition.

Determining How You Could Help

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much time do I have to give on a weekly or monthly basis?
  • What talent or ability do I bring to the table that might benefit a nonprofit?
  • Can I give of my talent from my home (computer work, phone calls, writing thank-you notes, etc).
  • If I need to be onsite at the nonprofit’s offices or events, how far am I willing to travel?
  • Am I in this for the short term or ongoing as needed?
  • What do I want to gain from the volunteer experience?

Determining Which Non-Profit Organization To Contact

  1. What causes tug at your heart?
  2. Think of those in your circle of family or friends who has had a challenge in a specific area.
  3. Ask friends and family for recommendations, then Google them. Check out available opportunities posted through an organization called Volunteer Match. You can narrow down by area, interests and talents at Volunteer Match.
  1. There are organizations that review nonprofits for you, like In 2010, their database contained information on over 1.9 million organizations. They collect IRS information and other public financial data They can give you the basic information on a specific charity. NOTE: All Things Possible Ministries has achieved Gold Member status with
  1. Review the charity’s website, and social media pages to get a real feel for the mission, execution, results and stewardship. Review the personal Facebook page of the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors, if listed on the website. This will give you even more insight as to whether or not it would be a good fit.

We May Need Your Time And Talent

If you perform a professional service, All Things Possible can benefit from your expertise. Charities operate similarly to many for-profit businesses and can use help with accounting, information technology, legal, graphic design, advertising, public relations, website development, social media campaigns, event planning and management. You don’t have to donate time and talent on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Volunteer work can be project based for specific events or tasks; temporary to help redesign and improve a key area of operations; ongoing administrative support; or even an on-call basis.

Volunteer positions may be needed to serve on the Board of Directors, as a Team Leader or a Committee Member. With All Things Possible, these roles require a “roll-up-your-sleeves and make a difference” mentality. Our Advisory Team members are business professionals who help steer the organization with expertise in various areas. We currently have positions open on both of these important teams. If interested, contact Lisa Sexton, Executive Director, at

All Donations Are Tax Deductible

First the disclaimer – We are not tax experts, so please seek the advice of a tax professional in all situations involving taxes.

The donation of time or talent is generally not tax deductible. However, if you drive to volunteer at an event, record those miles as they may be deductible. If you donate money to a nonprofit organization that does not have the federal tax exempt status, known as a 501(c)3, you can still do good for your community, but you won’t necessarily receive a tax write off. For example, a local nonprofit that does not take in or disburse large amounts of money might incorporate as a state nonprofit but not apply for federal tax-exempt status. A trade association is a nonprofit, but not a charity.

If you give money and specify what it must be used for, rather than donate it to the tax-exempt organization’s general fund, don’t count on being able to claim a tax deduction. So be careful what you write in that MEMO section on your check. If you put a specific person’s name, you may lose your ability to deduct that donation on your taxes. With All Things Possible, we suggest that you leave that area blank or write MEDICAL if it is for a medical fundraising campaign, without being specific, if you desire to list the amount on your taxes. If the tax deduction is not important to you, feel free to write anything you like in the memo line.

We are a nonprofit 501(c )3 charity. Fully tax deductible donations can still be made out to All Things Possible Ministries before year-end. As long as the check is dated on or before December 31, 2016, and you leave the memo section blank, you’re good to go.

Payable to:              All Things Possible

Address:                  3160 Hwy 21, Suite 103, Box #57, Fort Mill, SC 29715

If you would like a receipt for donation letter mailed to you, just include a note in the envelope indicating your request.


About Lisa

Executive Director of All Things Possible Ministries since 2013. I personally went thorough a life threatening medical crisis in 2010 and was hospitalized for nearly a month. By the grace of God I made it through. We were overwhelmed with medical bills after the insurance company paid their portion. I know what a burden this was to us. God put it on my heart to help others in similar situations. He gave me the ministry name All Things Possible from the scripture Matthew 19:26 – “With man this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.”

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