Hymnals or Modern Worship?

GUEST BLOG Written by, Brad Clarkson Leadership Development and Worship and Arts Pastor Steele Creek Church of Charlotte I don’t want to start a worship battle here, but there is another perspective that sees what we’ve gained by no longer being limited by the hymnal. — Better focus: heads up, hands free — More songwriters. Many, many more. — Fewer obstacles between the songwriter and the church. — Timely and culturally responsive songs. — Instead of a denominational music committee choosing the “set list” once every 25 years (I.e. revising the hymnal), an engaged worship team has the responsibility and honor of choosing songs that minister to their local church every week. I don’t buy the “new songs are bad songs” line because every week in most churches songs are chosen because they are good, not because they are new. — The opportunity for more worship musicians in the church … Continue


All Things Possible

Have you ever had an encounter or conversation with someone where you later said to yourself “I should have…” or question yourself thinking, “Did I miss an opportunity?” Sometimes we later wonder if we were supposed to have been the hands and feet of Jesus to someone, but for whatever reason we did not. Helping the Homeless Discernment is the toughest part of determining whether to step up and help, or not.  People’s situations are not always as they appear, as evidenced in this photo of a homeless man who has his own laptop computer. My husband used to live near Venice Beach in California. One time he saw a man in a wheelchair begging for money on the beach.  A short time later, Michael witnessed this man go across the street, get out of his wheelchair and carry it up the stairs to an apartment facing the ocean. Unfortunately, … Continue

Who Am I?

Who you are is your self-identity, the way you look at yourself and your relationship to the world. Understanding this, allows you to examine who you are and more importantly who you were created to be. IDENTITY According to Webster’s dictionary, the word Identity is a noun, defined as: Who someone is; the name of a person; the qualities, beliefs, etc., that make a particular person or group different from others. A person’s individuality. Synonyms for identity include Name, Character, Identification, Integrity, Personality, Status, Distinctiveness, and Uniqueness. OUR PERSONAL IDENTITY CHANGES WITH AGE Have you ever thought about who you might become in the future? Personal identity is the concept you develop about yourself that evolves over the course of your life. Your personal identity may include aspects of your life that you have no control over, such as your physical statue, the color of your skin, ethnicity, or where you … Continue

Faith Comes Easy When Life is Good

All Things Possible

But what happens to our faith when we lose our jobs, are hurt, struggling, sick, betrayed by someone we trusted, or when someone we love dies suddenly or leaves us? That is the real test of our faith. FAITH IS TESTED Many people struggle with their faith at different times in their lives. Some of the most committed spiritual leaders have struggled with doubts, just like everyone else. The very essence of faith is to believe in that which we cannot see. 2 Corinthians 5:7 reminds us “For we live by faith, not by sight.” Spiritual realities are not tangible and are be experienced outside of our senses. When what we actually see and feel becomes overwhelming, doubt and fear creeps in. Faith that is mingled with fear is marred and becomes less effective or completely ineffective. The quality of our faith must be pure to keep the evil one … Continue

Is someone stealing your Joy?

all things possible

Is someone stealing your Joy? There are 242 references to Joy in the Bible. It is clearly important to our Lord that we are joyful and that we recognize that He has given us the joy in our lives. I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.     John 15:11 So how do we respond when we encounter someone who seems to have more than their share of complaints and drama in their lives? They are unhappy about something nearly every time you speak with them. You can be having a wonderful day, until they contact you…. That’s when your happy face is replaced by a furrowed brow and the room is filled with a heavy feeling in the air. In fact, we can be tested just being around them to the point that the very air in the room feels like it … Continue