Fundraiser Criteria

Criteria for Medical Fundraising Recipients
& How The Process Works

Potential recipients must have currently or in the recent past endured a life-threatening medical condition or situation.


For all we do – To God be the Glory!

Examples include but are not limited to: Tests and treatments to determine a diagnosis of cancer, need for organ removal or transplant, life-threatening tumor removal, pulmonary embolism, heart or brain surgery, severe (suicidal) depression, life saving equipment or treatment needed, or an accident resulting in emergency surgery and hospitalization.

  • Medical debt of $4,000 or more that is not covered by insurance.
  • The story in writing of how the illness or accident came about.
  • Pictures of themselves before the injury/illness, during treatment if possible, and after surgery/treatment, if the treatment is completed.
  • Documentation of diagnosis from a medical provider
  • Medical bills showing charges, payments and outstanding balances.

medical bill closeup lisaIn addition to coordinating and promoting public fundraising events in the local community, we also reach out to those in the medical field. We share a common goal – to eliminate outstanding bills owed by patients to their medical providers. The medical billing departments want to be paid, and we want the burden of that payment to be removed from the patient so they can concentrate on getting well.

Recipient’s/Patient’s Advocate

The medical fundraising recipient will need to appoint an Advocate to act as liaison between them and All Things Possible Ministries. The Advocate can do what the patient may not have the energy or capability to do. Depending on the patient, the Advocate can be the one to present us with the documents listed above.

The Advocate is our ministry point of contact to keep us updated on the current health of the patient.  The Advocate will also be asked to approve our initial printed marketing materials so that we are certain that the details are accurate. That person will also keep All Things Possible updated on the health and progress of the recipient. The Advocate will be kept informed regarding upcoming fundraising events planned. Health permitting, we will request that the recipient be present at most fundraising events. This gives the public the opportunity to meet and interact with the family they are supporting.

Medical bills will be paid directly from All Things Possible Ministries to the medical provider or insurance company. Any funds received over and above the goal amount (payment of outstanding medical bills) will be retained by All Things Possible Ministries and used as a “Pay it Forward” to help the next family in crisis.

*All medical donations are received into a separate Medical Benevolence account used specifically for paying medical service and equipment providers. Funds are used to benefit current and future medical recipients at the discretion and control of the recipient selection team.

 If you or someone close to you is in a life threatening medical situation, and you believe that the above criteria can be met, please Click Here to complete our Medical Fundraiser Application.

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