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Riley Huffed being held by Lisa Sexton of All Things Possible.A local restaurant in Rock Hill, SC is partnering with All Things Possible Ministries to help two-year-old Ryley Hufford of Rock Hill, SC. Ryley was born with a rare genetic disorder. His #1 Chromosome is missing 75% of the genes it should contain. He also has severe scoliosis of the spine and is wearing a body cast. He cannot talk, stand, walk, sit or crawl. Due to a malformed pallet and digestive disorders, he is fed through a feeding tube directly into his stomach. Ryley turned 2 years old in August. His stomach is unusually small so he is fed every few hours, yet only weighs 17 pounds. Ryley is being raised by his grandparents, who have had full custody of him since he was removed from his parents at 7 months old. Ryley’s grandparents are now alternating 12 hour shifts due to Ryley’s feeding schedule. A potentially life-threatening brain surgery is on the horizon for Ryley because his brain has shifted to one side. Surgery may be avoided if he gets a cranial band helmet. The other piece of equipment needed is a P-Pod chair that will result in better digestion during Ryley’s tube feeding and increased spinal support. Unfortunately, Medicaid won’t pay for any of that.

A medical fundraising event is scheduled for this coming Saturday, November 11, 2016 at Michael’s Rock Hill Grille. Ryley and his grandparents will be onsite to share his story with potential donors. “It will be nice to say thank you in person to anyone willing to help,” says Ryley’s grandmother Cindy. All Things Possible is initiating this fundraising event to help raise the $6,500 needed to purchase these two pieces of much needed medical equipment.



Saturday, November 12, 2016
11:00AM to 3:00PM Michael’s Rock Hill Grille
1039 Charlotte Ave.
Rock Hill, SC 29732

If unable to attend the fundraising event, you can still help. Donations for Ryley can be made online here. 100% of donations received toward Ryley’s fundraising campaign will go directly toward paying his medical equipment providers.
All Things Possible Ministries is a non-profit charity whose mission is uniting the community to bring help and hope to families in medical crisis. This is accomplished by implementing Medical Fundraising events for patients in potentially life threatening health situations who don’t have the means to pay their medical bills or purchase specialized equipment. By removing the burden of medical debt, the patient and their family doesn’t need to have the additional stress of deciding whether to pay hospital or the electric bill. Unlike most charities, 100% of funds donated through All Things Possible Ministries’ Medical Fundraisers are granted directly to medical providers.

All Things Possible Ministries is a 501(c)3 charity. Donations are tax deductible.

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