Tanner has his Van!

Tanner can now get out into the community!

Tanner’s mom can rest assured that she can get Tanner to his medical and therapy appointments without having to borrow a vehicle or rely on others. Praise God!

The Lord opened many doors for us to be able to purchase a used Ford conversion van for 6 year old Tanner Adkins. It’s a 1999 fully loaded van with only 85,000 miles on it and an electric wheelchair lift that is exactly what Tanner needed.

 The October Miracles that led up to this happy ending:

Miracle #1 – Our friends at WCOC-TV (ABC affiliate in the Charlotte metro area) were kind enough to do a Family Focus segment on the Adkins family’s need for a wheelchair accessible van. The segment aired on Friday October 16, 2015. That happened to be the day before the All Things Possible annual Exalt! Vocal Talent Showcase and fundraiser.

Miracle #2 -The Adkins family came to Exalt! as our VIP guests. They were so moved by the songs of the saints praising Jesus, that both Barbara Adkins (Tanner’s mom) and Caleb Adkins (Tanner’s 12 year old big brother) turned their lives over to Christ that night! To God be the Glory!

Miracle #3 – April Hawkins of Salisbury, NC saw the Family Focus segment about the need for a van for little Tanner. April had a van that had not been used in 3 years since her mother, Rosie, passed away from MS in 2012.

April had wanted to sell it to a family who really needed it, and this story on the news touched her heart. April contacted All Things Possible Ministries, the van was checked by a mechanic in the Salisbury area who recommended that we go through with the purchase. There would be over $2,000 of work to be done to get it in top shape for the family, but that was to be expected considering its age and the fact that it sat unused for 3 years.

Lisa Sexton, Executive Director of All Things Possible Ministries met April in Concord, NC on Thursday, 10/29/15 and completed the sale.

Miracle #4 – The Lord opened many doors within the community for people to step up and help get the work done on the van at a significant discount to the ministry for the parts. Every person listed below freely gave of their time and talent to help this family in need.

Paul Ladd at Direct Automotive in Monroe, NC.
Steve Knooihuizen, a good friend and brother-in-Christ
George Rhyne at Diamond Finish in  Charlotte, NC.
Mike Alfaro at Ilderton Conversion Company in Charlotte.
Joel Matthews at Freeman’s Car Stereo in Charlotte.

Miracle #5
On  11/12/15, a caravan of supporters led Tanner’s van, named “Rosie” (in honor of April’s mother), to her new home in York, SC.

Group of supporters who led the parade to the Adkins home to deliver the van.

Group of supporters who led the parade to deliver “Rosie” to her new home.

Three TV stations were there to capture the moment, WSOC, NEWS 14 for the Charlotte metro area and CN2 news covering South Carolina. All three stories aired later that day.

Tanner loves his van! It’s the first time in his life he has felt the independence of being able to take his electric wheelchair wherever he goes. It’s also the first time that his mother Barbara  is able to take him out into the community, which he loves. Barbara is also no longer worries that if she had to get Tanner to the hospital quickly, she could.

THANK YOU for your prayers, donations and support of this ministry.

“Thanks to the Lord and the community, we were able to bring hope on wheels to the Adkins family and change their lives forever” said Lisa Sexton, Executive Director of All Things Possible Ministries.


According to Tanner’s mom, “Tanner gets off the school bus and drives his wheelchair up to the van and just stares at it. I have trouble getting him to come inside. It’s all he talks about. What a huge blessing.”

Barbara Adkins couldn’t be happier! Not only does she now have Jesus in her heart, but so does her older son Caleb. Her stress level has gone down significantly since she knows her son Tanner can travel safely. To celebrate this newfound joy, Barbara was gifted with a new “do.”

With man this undertaking would have been impossible, but as we know, God makes All Things Possible. All Glory and Honor are His!

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